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Your computer has been compromised and its files encrypted. The only way to restore your files is to pay us 10btc or 100xmr. Send payments to the address below. You have three days.

When a ransomware attack or hard drive failure strikes, you might find yourself wishing you could go back in time. Now you can, with backups! Secure, frequent backups are vital to even the smallest operations, and not having them can be devastating. It's a mistake most of us make only once.

SLVIT offers fast and secure automatic backups. What's the point of having a backup for ransomware if hackers can delete them from a compromised machine? We isolate and firewall off our backup servers so your data can be restored from the most thorough malware infections.

If you're looking for general purpose network storage, check out our NAS offerings.

Backup of 100gb $20/month