Silver IT
Making Computers Fun Again

🗣️ Tech support and consulting

When your computer gives you trouble, give us a call! SLVIT performs all kinds of repair, maintenance, and servicing on desktops, laptops, servers, SBCs, phones, network devices, and "smart" appliances. We also restore and repair antique electronics and computers.

We also offer at-home tutoring and lessons for all ages with flexible scheduling. Learn to use your computer in a friendly and patient environment. All levels of experience are welcome, from complete beginners to power users and programmers.

For support calls, we charge hourly and for distance traveled. You can use this pricing table to work up a quote for yourself. For example, for a half-hour repair at a client 40 miles away, we would charge $40 for the round-trip drive, plus $12.50 for the fix.

Help desk $20/hour
Repairs $25/hour
Tutoring/lessons $30/hour
Computer restoration $contact
Driving $0.50/mile