San Luis Valley IT

Websites and IT for Southern Colorado


Affordable hosting that just works. Let us host your existing Wordpress, mailserver, or nextcloud for a fraction of what you're paying now. If you don't have one already, we also build simple basic websites. All hosting comes with SSL encryption, docker containerization, and domain name service.


SSL and TLS are the technologies that secure the data transfer between your site and its visitors. This is needed to provide a site over HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Sites that are https-encrypted show a small lock at the top of the browser. Unencrypted sites are sometimes shown as "not secure".

HTTPS sites are also ranked higher in search results pages than unencrypted ones.


Your website and its dependencies are hosted in isolated docker containers. This provides additional security and uptime.

Domain names

Don't have a domain name? We can set you up with one. Already have one? bring it to our servers and we'll manage it for you at cost.


All hosting services come with a 100gb disk quota, but additional space can be made available with the purchase of additional NAS.

Hosting transfer $150
Static site hosting $5/month
WordPress hosting $10/month
Mailserver hosting $10/month
Nextcloud hosting $75/month
Rainloop hosting $15/month
Gitea hosting $35/month
Odoo hosting $75/month
Discourse hosting $45/month
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