Silver IT
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🛎️ Services

Silver IT provides all kinds of IT services, including websites and mailservers. Everything we offer is:

Don't see what you need? Contact us and let's talk about it.

📃 Websites

If you don't have a website, we can make one for you. Our high-quality websites are simple and fast. They're mobile- and SEO-ready. They're affordable and extendable.

Site building $50/page
Webhost transfer $110
Custom theming +$350
SEO-optimized posts $50

🏢 Hosting

Already have a website? Save money and hassle by hosting with us. Our secure hosting comes with DNS management and SSL built in. We also offer groupware, emails, forums, git repos, and more on your domain or vpn.

Hosting transfer $110
Static site hosting $5/month
WordPress hosting $10/month
Ghost hosting $/month
Mailserver hosting $10/month
Rainloop hosting $15/month
Gitea hosting $35/month
Discourse hosting $45/month
VoIP hosting contact
Site management +$60/month

📠 Hardware, networking

Secure network configurations, in-house VPNs, data storage and recovery services.

Cloud storage $10/100gb/month
Network configuration $contact/host
Virtual Private Network (VPN) $contact/host/month
Backups $20/100gb/month
Data entry/parsing contact
Data recovery contact

🧑‍🏫 Support, lessons

Having trouble with your printer? Not sure what that error message means? Just need someone to talk to? Call us at 719-936-7778.

We also offer tutoring and lessons for all ages with flexible scheduling.

You can use this pricing table to work up a quote for yourself. For example, for a half-hour repair at a client which is 40 miles away, we would charge $40 for the round-trip drive, plus $12.50 for the fix.

Help desk $20/hour
Repairs $25/hour
Tutoring/lessons $30/hour
Restorations contact
Driving $0.50/mile

Not finding what you need? Contact us to discuss custom software and deployments.