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📱 Privacy Pixel 6a Phone with GrapheneOS

A new Google Pixel 6a with ultra-private GrapheneOS installed.

This is a new Google Pixel 6A which:

- Was removed from from its box
- Was wiped of Android and Google
- Had GrapheneOS installed and tested
- Was put in a case
- Was put back in the original packaging

Why the Google Pixel 6A? It has the best GrapheneOS compatibility. It also has 5G, which will be the dominant cellular standard for the foreseeable future. Since GrapheneOS gets security updates long after Android stops offering them, this phone has serious staying power.


GrapheneOS is is a non-profit, open-source version of android which has been ultra-hardened for privacy and security. Out of the box, it has only a few open source programs that can be uninstalled (no bloatware). There are no google services by default but they can be installed easily. Any google play apps can be installed with one click from the Aurora app store (with or without signing in to google).

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