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Mailserver hosting

Get emails Our mailservers provide IMAP and SMTP support so you can read your messages in gmail, outlook, or any mail client.

Mailserver hosting $10/month

Each mailserver is provided an unlimited number of users on an unlimited number of domains. The only restriction is mail storage: the first 100gb are included free. Additional storage can be purchased as NAS. Backups are also sold separately.

Mail clients

Rainloop is a webmail client. It provides a simple interface for users to log in and access emails from a mailserver. Mail clients are an easy alternative to configuring each user's desktop mail client (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc). However, hosting a webmail instance won't inhibit users' connections should they chose to use their desktop client.

Our Rainloop instances can be hosted on your domain or hosted as an app in NextCloud. They can be made accessible over the internet or limited to a private VPN.

Rainloop Demo >

Rainloop instances come free with NextCloud hosting, or can be hosted separately.

Rainloop hosting $15/month